~ Pricing ~


Process of creating a new website:

I can create your web site without us ever having to meet in person. Here are the first few steps we will take prior to your web site design and construction:

  1. If you do not already own a domain name then you or I must purchase a domain name and hosting service - if you use the same hosting as me, you get a $15 off initial set-up ($49.50/year - gate.com).
  2. If I do not set this up for you, you will then supply me the following HOSTING info: domain name; IP address/number; FTP login name and password.
  3. Once we start construction only you and I can view the design progress of your web site. I can put up a temporary "secret" initial page that reads something like: "Coming Soon" or "Site Under Construction" (the initial page is the first page you go to when you type in your domain name/web address in a web browser, example: "xxxx.com"). You will be provided with a link to another page on your web site that others will not have access to - it is from this page we work on a design.
  4. Next, I work on the basic design (on the "secret" page) and email you each day and/or after any updates, for you to review it. You then email or call me with any changes you want me to perform. We keep doing this until the web site is as you wish it to appear. Once you are totally satisfied with the way the first page is designed, I create the remaining pages (still not "live" for the public to view) with you reviewing the entire process.
  5. Once you are 100% pleased with your entire web site's appearance and functionality, we can go "live." I then remove the temporary "Under Construction" page to allow anybody who types in your web address to see your web site.

Items to get ready for your project:

I will securely keep all materials that you send me in a folder I create for you on my computer. When we have enough of the following items/information we can start your project.


Initial design for a very basic site starts around $500-$700. Once I get your ideas on your site, knowing how many pages and approximately how much work and the complexity that will be involved, I will provide an estimate range with a maximum that will not be exceeded, unless there are major changes to the original argreed design.

After your website goes live, you will likley need updates added. Upon request, I will do future updates/changes (be it 5 min or 20 hours at a time), then tally up the time (rounded to the nearest 5 min) and bill you every so often. I charge $25/hour for updates.

Thanks for considering me to design and upkeep your web site. Let me know if you have any other questions